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Feel like so awesome

I got rated a long time ago and was rated as Street. I don't even like street that much.
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Weeeee.. :D

I 'feel like, so', groovy, man!

Feel like so...

<b>The Basics</b>
<b>Name:</b> Maëva  
<b>Age:</b> 12
<b>Gender:</b> female
<b>Nationality:</b> French of dutch and german origins
<b>How did you find us? :</b> PullipStyle forum :)

<b>All About You</b>
<b>Five words that describe you best:</b> shy, weird, crazy, creative, kind
<b>Your biggest flaw:</b> I love to eat sweets
<b>Likes:</b> People who are kind with the other people
<b>Fashion style:</b> casual, fashion. Often in pink and black with slim jeans
<b>Something you admire:</b> creative people, Hayley Williams
<b>Something you loathe:</b> intolerance
<b>Favorite color(s):</b> Pink, black, orange
<b>What five objects/accessories define you best?:</b> Pink DS Lite, pink small iPod, bunny hoodie, plastic crown, guitar
<b>If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? :</b> Japaaaaaaan
<b>If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what animal would it be and why? :</b> Bunny, hiding undergound, moving my ears and running with the wind... :)
<b>Aspirations for the future and present:</b> Become a music-superstar

<b>Favorite Pullip and why? :</b> Oren. So fashioooon
<b>Least favorite Pullip and why? :</b> Alte. She looks like a Barbie
<b>Most overrated Pullip and why? :</b> Papin. Just a fruit. So common

<b>What does this mean to you?</b>
<i>"You get burnt when you touch me!! I am more like a lady spy, ...Feel like this."</i>

Beressa! or... Catwoman!!

<b>Post a few clear pictures of yourself!:</b> If you do not want to share a picture or cannot provide one, please describe yourself instead!
Hmm Ive got icy blue eyes and bright orange and yellow hair. I'm very small and thin.

Just a question.

Will we be having a new theme soon? I know a lot of people are busy, but it may be time for something new. It might be more active here with a new theme. Just wondering!


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