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Discover what Pullip you are most like!

Pullips by Jun Planning Rating Community
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Have you ever imagined yourself as a dreamy Afternoon, clad in polka-dots, royal blue, and elegance? How about the rosy Bouquet with her clumps of flora, innocent? Or may be you are more of a dark beauty, alluring in obsidian of Cornice, or the shadowy poise of Noir.

Do you scream a particular Pullip? Join us and find out.


I. You must join in order to post.
II. Anonymous posting, commenting, and voting is not allowed.
III. Cheating will leave you with a bad reputation to your name and a permanent ban. Do not try to make fake usernames or using your personal or dolly journals in hopes of achieving the Pullip result you want to see, it is quite obvious to us when you do this. Remember, if you do not get who you want, you can always try re-applying 2 weeks later.
IV. You get 1-14 days to collect votes. If you have garnered 10 votes, then you will be stamped. If you have a tie, I will post and try to get voters to break the tie.
V. You are encouraged to post a picture of yourself. But, you are not required to. Your result is not based solely on physical appearance! If submitting pictures, make sure they are clear and not heavily Photoshopped. If you do not submit a picture, please try and describe yourself instead!
VI. No pictures of you cosplaying as a particular Pullip, Rozen Maiden, etcetera will be accepted. Do not try to dress up or make up your face like the Pullip result you wish to receive. Let us be fair and get accurate results!
VII. When posting, make sure your subject line has something about the phrase "Feel like so" in it.
VIII. If you leave negative remarks on a person's application, your vote will not count for that application. If you continue, you will be permanently banned.
IX. If unhappy with your stamp, you may re-apply 2 weeks later. You may not re-apply for monthly theme stamps, though.
X. Your vote may only be based on the stock version of that Pullip. No customs are to be considered in this community whatsoever.


I. You must join the community first!
II. Fill out an application, make sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability!

III. To show us that you read the rules, you must put something about the phrase "Feel like so" in the subject line.
IV. Do not cause any sort of E-drama, be nice to others!
V. Make sure to VOTE ON OTHERS as it is only fair! Perhaps they will take a moment and vote on your application as well. ;D
VI. You may re-apply every 2 weeks, make sure to state why you are re-applying.


I. You DO NOT have to be stamped in order to vote for others!!
II. When voting, please try to make sure you bold your vote.
III. Keep your votes to Pullips only! Taeyangs, Namus, DALs, minis, and others will be saved for monthly themes!
IV. No snide or nasty remarks, remember to be nice and not unleash any drama!

Stamped Members
Master List of Pullips
Pullip Stamps

August/September Theme

August/September Theme Stamps
Master List of Limited Edition Pullips

I. Remember to put something about Savon's rubber ducky in the subject line.
II. Only those who have been stamped already as a Pullip may partake in any monthly theme.
III. If you are unhappy with your result for a monthly theme, please resubmit your application the last week of that particular month along with the reason you are resubmitting, then we will vote on your application again.
IV. Anyone can vote period, even if it is for a monthly theme. It does not matter if you are stamped or not, please participate.

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Head Honchos

We made this community with love. <3
And we hope you enjoy it!

From the head honchos,
suiseiseki Rachel (Wintryabyss at PullipStyle)
thepotatofamine Leah (blackwhite at PullipStyle)